Friday, April 24, 2009

No Word of a Lie!

From the comments on our previous post I thought I'd bring you a glimpse of why we always come home. The shot below is off of the deck on the front of our house.Sure you have to have a little snow and cold in your life once in a while because to paraphrase "Into every life a little snow must fall." And it does make for pretty pictures.

This one is for Dortha, shot from our kitchen window.

A shot from our doorside porch

And another off of our front deck.

and the pictures may be able to explain better why we hurried home to enjoy the 12F degree temperatures the last couple of days. Oh well, it will warm up for summer, the fifth Wednesday in July.......LOL.


  1. John,

    The views are beautiful. Gina & I cannot wait to come see it for ourselves.

    Rollie & Gina

  2. Thanks for the photos, you have a beautiful spot and your very own moose. Don't go making Moose Nose Stew now!

  3. Oh my, Now I understand! I'll be there before you know it to help you enjoy. Thanks for posting!

  4. So, we went on the hunt last summer for the elusive moose and the whole time they were in your yard??? Is there any way you can corral them so they'll still be there when we get there?

    Debbie & Rod

  5. Thanks for the link to the maps. I appreciate that you remembered. Love the views from your house. Lucky you! Glad that you're home safe & sound. We should be home in 3-4 days too.

  6. Tell that moose to hold the pose, I am on my way.


  7. Thanks for sharing. The views are just breath taking. Home is always the best!!

  8. What a wonderful setting. Was Great to meet you.
    Glenn & Sylvia

  9. JB...I have been chasing a moose since 2001....we'll be right up!
    Love the amazing are blessed!
    Hugs to both of you, and how about a (new) grandbaby update, eh? :)