Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still Heading North

Today we left the Winstar Casino near Thackerville, Oklahoma and headed north about 7:00AM. Yep Deb there is a sunrise in the morning and we saw it. It was an uneventful drive up I-35 through Oklahoma City and Wichita, Kansas where we changed to I-135 to continue heading straight north to Salina, Kansas. We have been here, in the KOA, since about 2:00PM after covering 379 miles today. We had to get our laundry caught up and an early day was in the plan.

We have been watching the weather ahead of us with a lot of interest. It appears that it is likely there will be snow in Wyoming and Montana by the time we were to get there. Now that is not in the plan so like all good RV'ers we will change the plan and run pretty near straight north to the Canadian border. That should have us avoiding the worst of the weather and we'll drive home through the Saskatchewan sunshine rather than that cool NW US snow. It does add a few miles to our route though so instead of 2357 it is now 2381 miles to our gate. Well worth it to miss the snow. Also we'll be able to take advantage of the fact that Dennis and Denice will be a day or so ahead of us on the same route. That said our plans as always are cast in Jello so as we go we will adapt. The shot below will give an idea of the new route. Although we have never been to Kansas before we have a few friends here so Mac, Lynette, Rod and Loyce consider yourself waved at as we head north.


  1. Are you and Joe sharing jello??? I too would go out of my way to bypass snow. Glad to hear ya'll had another uneventful travel day. Stay safe

    Rollie & Gina

  2. The map you show at the end of your post with the heavy blue line makes me think you are driving a big circle. Are you sure you're taking the correct way to get home? Haha.

  3. We're waving back,,,,,can you see us? Kansas is kind of boring, until you get to Nebraska. Now that is boring!


  4. Well it is 11:00 am here and I am still in my Captain America sleeping shorts sending you this message...I don't know where you are at this time but please stay safe. Brenda if you see Sherri in Yoville tell her Hi for me...

    Take care Dreamers

    Joe and Sherri