Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Trouble

Today we headed out of Yankton, South Dakota towards Jamestown, North Dakota a drive of around 330 miles. Just about right to keep me in Brenda's good books. Should have been there about 1:00PM. Along the way we found this sign and another state we had never been to together. That about covers what I would call the western states although there are still a few west of the Mississippi and in the East that we need to see.

But as you all know RV'ers plans are cast in Jello. After about 180 miles of perfect driving weather, cool and a south wind right on our tail pushing us along we had a high temperature warning. Got every thing stopped and checked around, lots of coolant, no belt issues and as we sat it cooled off pretty good. So we started limping along keeping a close eye on the temperature while phoning ahead to find a Cummins dealer. Well to make a long story short the problem seemed to go resolve itself about the same time we got a Cummins dealer in Minot, North Dakota to agree to have a look at it tomorrow morning first thing. Acts like the thermostat was hung up as for the last couple of hundred miles we were bucking a wind and moving right along with no heating issues at all. Hmmmmm, well we'll see what tomorrow morning brings. As we drove a long I saw a few things I didn't like, first the photo below shows a lot of snow still hanging around up here. And some of the lakes were still frozen over and a few of them had puzzled looking geese standing on the ice looking around, probably thinking about what they are going to do to Al Gore's (global warming) golf course next time they head south.

Oh yah, the big trouble, Brenda really doesn't like to travel much more than 300 miles in a day and we kind of stretched it to get to the Cummins facility here in Minot with a total of 499 today. That still puts us about 750 miles from home but God Willing and the creeks don't rise we should cross the border tomorrow.


  1. I hope the Cummins dealer will have you on your way shortly! We stayed in Minot and found the people very friendly :-) Safe travels.

  2. You and Dennis today - having issues. Maybe it is a sign that you guys aren't ready to come home yet!

  3. Glad to hear that you got to Minot. Sounds like that cummins fixed itself for a little while. Hope the rest of the trip home is safe. I believe I take your advice and get me a few of them there glasses so it want matter if I forget where I put them due to my age.LOL

    Take care,
    Rollie & Gina

  4. Atleast its still under warranty! Lets hope it is minor and doesn't hold you up for long.
    Good travels!
    Rod & Loyce