Saturday, April 11, 2009

Faces for Supper

Today we had dinner with Rollie and Gina and although we cooked and cleaned it on our patio it was all their baby. They took us down to the dock and we bought a bunch (like 40 lbs) of shrimp and a dozen blue crabs for the main course.

We picked up some veggies, yep back to the HEB, and then headed home to DEface all the food. Regular readers know that Brenda doesn't like to eat anything with a face on it. So Gina, Rollie and I removed all the faces in preparation for the dinner.

Rollie was actually the chief cook for this operation and he brought his big pot and burner over.

We cooked those dozen crabs for a kind of appetizer, now they are scrumptious but I really do think you use more calories getting into them than they actually provide in nourishment. Hey, maybe that could be a new diet, All You Can Eat Crab, Losing while you Eat!

For those from the West Coast these Blue Crabs appear to be a little smaller than the Dungeness but just as tasty. Gina definitely can get into them pretty fast, I'm not sure if she does it as fast as my brother Brent does the Dungeness but she is definitely pretty quick.

Now the veggies were the highlight. Rollie boiled potatoes, corn, and whole onions in the pot with some crab boil and boy I am not sure I can ever eat the old regular kind again. These had kick to them.

I just thought I better mention we didn't eat all forty pounds of shrimp. We have frozen 30 for Brenda to try and haul across the border. Wait for the shrimp story to take the place of the butter banditry next year. What a great meal with great company though. I have even been learning a little Louisanaese over the last couple of days so now I know I like my tomato sandwiches with MYannaise as opposed to that boring old Canadian Mayonaise.


  1. Me to cant wait to try the my anaise either. lol
    might goe with the cutlery.

    the Sweetpea

  2. Gina & I had a great time yesterday and glad you are learning some of Gina's language.

  3. JB in Tennessee we eat menaise on our 'mater sammiches. It all tastes the same.

  4. My mouth is watering! Good luck at the border...I'll give the Agriculture agent a call ;-) Happy Easter!!

  5. Oh my gosh does that look any good!!

  6. If you ever get to Maryland, they steam the blue crabs in Old Bay seasoning and tons of other stuff. Taste different than anyplace else. Restaurants just dump them on the table after covering the table with news paper or plain paper. Served with cold beer and they call it a crab feast.