Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Boys Back in Town

Now that is a tow vehicle. Our friends Rollie and Gina came down from Houston to spend the weekend in Rockport with us. As you can see Rollie likes to make sure he has an adequate tow vehicle to get around in. And you know what, it seems to handle that fifth wheel just like it wasn't even there. They have moved into site 103 right next door to us. Brenda put together another of her great meals for us, and I even got to participate a little. Managed to blacken the ribs more than requested so it is probably another year or two of banishment from the kitchen for me. Oh well, the eating part is what I am best at so as they say "Do What you Do Best, and let someone else do the rest."

It is another nice day here in Rockport and we are going to head off and visit the Lexington a retired US Navy Aircraft Carrier and who better to tour us around than a Retired Sailor. Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures to share with you from that adventure.


  1. you call that blackend more like burned to a crip and yes no more BQing for you jb

    the Sweetpea

  2. I thought the ribs were great John!! You even left a rib cooked to perfecton just for Brenda. No complaints here it was a great meal prepared by a great chef!!

  3. Holy smokes no need for an RV just sleep in the truck. Have fun, Happy Easter

  4. Yup, Kevin has done the same, in fact he basted them with lighter fluid one time out in the dark thinking it was barbecue sauce!!!
    And we had company.