Friday, April 17, 2009

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Yep that really is the name of a town, quite a nice one actually. I have it on good authority in spite of what this website says that it's name is derived from a Cree Indian phrase that meant "I have no idea why you stopped here either". But nevertheless that is where we are tonight, with any luck at all we will be home tomorrow. Today we had a shorter day only traveled 268 miles, our shortest yet. We have been to Saskatchewan before as you can see from the attached photo but that time the grass was greener, but there was also more snow than this time. Spring is in the air or at least the snow geese are, there are thousands of them along the road resting on their journey to their Arctic nesting grounds.

Many folks will be wondering about our border crossing, well we made it, with our shrimp and even with some butter. Apparently the fact that Brenda is a well known butter importer did not register until we had left the crossing. And wouldn't you know it she didn't have much with her this time. We are planning on heading towards the Maritimes and the US NE in mid-August so we won't need a lot to last us through the four months we will be home.

And here is a shot of the giant moose that welcomes folks to Moose Jaw.

Now here is real proof that we are really back in Canada. These are on all the street corners and you can get a good honest cup of coffee for a decent price, none of that mocalattefrappcrappa stuff here. Just good coffee and of course a donut to help you enjoy it. And you don't need to mortgage the house to be able to entertain yourself and your friends here. And if you ever find one of these coffee shops without a car in the Drive Thru get a photo, nobody will believe you.


  1. I will reserve judgment on Tim Horton's until I have a chance to try it. Just so it isn't a British or Irish import - the only decent coffee I got over there is from the coffee beans & grinder I took with me from the USA. They have better tea, I'll admit, but their coffee is awful.


  2. John What did Cummins come up with reference to the temp light coming on? I had this happen once and when we shut down and re-started I guess the computer reset and we never had the problem come up again.

  3. Well I will have to keep that in mind when we come we will bring out own coffee. Hey it is great to see you back in the country again. I guess they had no warrents for your arrest or anything?? What was the Prognoses on your MH?? Take care and stay safe...I am enjoying the ride so far..

    Joe and Sherri

  4. Wouldn't it be handy to have an old fashioned radiator cap with the temperature gauge built right in? Ya wouldn't need to believe a computer idiot light, and you'd know in a flash if you had trouble. But those were simpler times. Of course we all want to hear what the cummins doc had to say about it. Enjoy being home.

  5. Tim Horton's coffee is the absolute best coffee...I don't care where it comes from...all I know is that the nearest one to me is in Columbus, Ohio and when I have family coming down to visit...they know not to pass that exit...right now I have three large cans of the glorious Tim in my is good!!!

  6. Yep, sure know what your saying about that frappacrappa alright. Never did understand why people would pay all that money for crappa like that. No wonder Charbucks is closing stores. Our first stop in Canada was good old Tim Hortons as well.....& a big apple fritter to go along with that too. Welcome Home:))

  7. I know you are glad to be almost home and that there were no concerns for Brenda and her load of butter. LOL.

    Stay safe.