Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shopping around Yuma

As you can see we finally got the satellite dish painted. The fellow at the Arizona Swap Meet did a great job and the price was the same as when you drag it over the border to Algodones. We wanted something a little different than the standard desert fare and you know with Brenda's inclination towards matching colours we thought a barn and some horses would work well. Just to help remember those of you back home in the cold, you'll notice we had the roof snow covered. Yesterday was in the high 70's and today till about 2:ooPM was also quite warm although it is cooling off a little as the clouds come in this afternoon. Probably get down into the 60's this afternoon. We also found a laundry yesterday so all those long sleeve shirts I am packing can get washed and pressed and they should be ready next week early.

Today we again visited the Flea Market/Swap Meet and wandered about looking at the deals that were on offer. There is a lot of stuff there but most of it is not exactly what we want or maybe we just don't realize we need it yet. You can poke around looking at stuff there for so long that after a while you figure you better take some of it just in case.

After that we headed over to the Olive Garden to partake of their Soup and Salad lunch special, all the you can eat salad and soup with breadsticks for $7.95, best deal in any town I'm sure. We really put on the dog today and actually ordered the Calamari appetizer too so we might well of been the big spenders amongst the lunch crowd.

Ginny from next door brought Brenda over a 10KG bag of good old Robin Hood flour from back in Canada so we should be having some homemade bread soon. It seems that the flour you get down here doesn't make the kind of bread we are used to or so those who know tell me anyway.

Doesn't seem like we did too much but believe me we are busy all day doing what we're not sure. But as Rod a fellow traveller says "we are retired, so I guess we don't Have to do much"

Stay warm and keep in touch!


  1. Glad you have such great weather , it is -38 here in slumsville, thanks for sharing!!

  2. It's warming up in Calgary - I think it is only -11C - so it is getting better!

    Who would have thought that the type of flour really makes a difference?!

    One last question - why does one paint their satellite dish?