Sunday, January 4, 2009

On the Roll

Yesterday afternoon we ran over to Bill and Margaret's as Marg's sister Linda and Mickey are headed back to Watson Lake and we wanted to say goodbye before they got away today. Then we came back and enjoyed a visit around the campfire with Phyllis and Bob, our landlords, and their/our neighbours Hanna and Knute from over the back fence. They are all from Kent, Washington.

This morning Hanna came by with a hand knitted baby blanket for Lacey's new baby and some dish clothes for Brenda.

We took a little drive today, East on I-8, over Telegraph Pass, and into the next valley. There is a little town there called Wellton, and nope Mick we didn't see any Eybens or Greens but who knows maybe next time. It is primarily an agricultural area but there weren't any good photos of that part of it to be had, except the feedlot, and I couldn't hold my breathe long enough to get a shot of that. There must have been a half section of pens, all full of holstein cattle, and by the odour they were hard at work producing green house gas. We did take a spin out into the desert to the north and it looks as if there is some BLM land up there that you could camp on. Long way from the cattle and the farm fields also so a pretty peaceful area. We also came upon the village of Roll, there were a couple of buildings, an implement dealer and a cafe as well as a post office/general store combo and that was about all. Along the way we came across this Road Runner running along the road. He was making time but I did manage to get him to stop for a photo before he headed off to look for that old coyote.

After we got back to Foothills where we are staying Brenda started making bread so soon we will be enjoying the smell of fresh bread and soon after that I think a slice of bread and some peanut butter will be called for.
And for those of you who look to us for a glimmer of warmth, it is a little cooler in Yuma today, but it still is sunny at 59F.

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  1. I just love roadrunners, they're such neat birds. You got a good photo of him too!