Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Moon

Just another day in the desert. We didn't do much, went for a couple of walkabouts, ate too much and set outside and enjoyed the sunshine. It was almost 80F today and the wind was never more than a pleasant breeze so it was an almost perfect day. What could have made it nicer I am not sure. There are a lot of outfits going by our camp, I'm going to have to take a tour up the road to see where they are all going. This area runs for another mile or so to the east so there is a lot of space still unused. Our closest neighbour is probably 1/4 mile away and with the lay of the land around here it will be hard for anyone to move in on us.

Yesterday was a full moon and here is another shot of the moon coming up right at sunset. It looked pretty big as it rose over the hills to the east.

Our solar system is working great, we ran everything we wanted last night and by midday today we had replenished our batteries. It certainly makes it pretty nice to be able to enjoy being in the middle of nowhere and having all the conveniences of being hooked to shore power without the cord. Below is a shot of the sunset tonight. It didn't have to compete with the moon rise as that happened almost an hour later this evening.

What a difference a day makes the moon rose later into a dark night sky.

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