Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gone but Not Forgotten

Today is the day that Brenda went away. She has flown home to have a visit with her brother who has had some surgery and also see the kids. Matt, our son, is picking her up at the airport, and I see from the flight tracker that her plane is almost an hour late getting there. He will take her out to the farm and make sure she can get the truck out of the garage. Tomorrow she will be off to Rocky Mountain House to visit Brent and our daughter Lacey. This will be the first time she has seen Lace since she annouced her pregnancy so that will be a lot of excitement. I am sure that there will be a visit with Bec and Ved in the plans also.

Over the last few days she has given me detailed instructions on how to keep HER bus neat and tidy and I am trying my best to follow the rules. We got the laundry all done up in Quartzsite the other day. I have figured out that if you go at Happy Hour in the evening the thundering horde has left the laundromat and it goes much quicker. Not that I am much of a laundry person, but in the past I have been known to do a load or two. ...only my stuff as most folks don't like everything a light shade of

She had to be at the airport by 1:00PM and as usual we were ready to roll in lots of time. Good thing because last night just as I shut the place down for the night our air card gave up the ghost so I took it with us and the folks at the Sprint store replaced it for us. The charge was minimal as we didn't have the insurance on it but the actual cost was less than we would have paid to date for that insurance. After that we managed a stop at Costco for the required hundred and some dollars worth of purchases, I'm sure if you don't spend a hundred bucks there they tell you to go back until you have or they won't let you out. Even had time to run into Cabela's to pick up some Cinnamon Apple jelly, imagine our disappointment when they told us they had none as they were reducing stock so the upcoming inventory would be better, strange. It will be really easy if you sell everything and don't restock, go figure.

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  1. I am sure you will be different than MOST guys and keep Brenda`s trailer spotless! Hahahahaha Love you