Saturday, January 17, 2009

Big Tent

Well today I braved the road into Quartzsite to visit the RV Show and the Big Tent. In the desert surrounding town there is an abundance of RV's parked, and most of their owners were swarming into town to look for that elusive deal. The traffic was not to bad and I actually got a parking spot within a few hundred yards of the centre of activity. There were a lot of folks moving around the tent but at least from my perspective I couldn't see that there were any great deals to be had. Kinda reminded me of a small town RV show, say Red Deer, back home. Certainly nothing compared to the Tampa Super Show that we attended about this time last year. That said it was interesting watching the people.

In the small world category I met Eddie Dillon from Tuktoyaktuks cousin working in the Northwest Territories and then standing right next to me in the tent were Dennis and Denice. I worked with Dennis for the last 20 odd years back home in Canada and although I knew there was a chance they would be in the area I was not sure. Fortuitous meeting, later in the day I went over to visit them at their site at Hi Jolly and got myself an invitation to dinner.

Other than those exciting bits the rest of the day I spent working on my tan and keeping Brenda's bus clean while enjoying the temperatures in the mid 70's. I mention the temperatures, not to gloat, but so that those back home in the Great White North know that there is hope. Spring and summer will come back to the land up there but it will be awhile I guess.

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  1. Once again thanks so much for the weather report!!!!