Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hanging out in Yuma

Not much happening this week but we are enjoying the warm weather and the days have been sunny although it cools off quite quickly in the evenings. It seems we are not doing much although we have been visiting with all our neighbours, Jim and Ginny, Norm and Diane and our hosts here Bob and Phyllis. Bill and Margaret came over for happy hour on Monday night and Bill and I watched the Team Canada Juniors thrashed the Swedish team on their way to their fifth straight gold medal in this annual tournament of All-Stars from around the world. It was a great game that was always close until the end. Margaret and Brenda hung out at the fire with Bob and Phyllis and Knute and Hannah until the last few minutes of the game.

Today Brenda went out with Phyllis and Hannah and some other ladies to celebrate Hannah's birthday, Happy Birthday Hannah, and had lunch at Olive Garden. I did some running around, picked up my shirts at the laundry, checked out the Harbour Freight shop for tools and made an appointment for the Jeep to get serviced on Friday. I also picked up some smokies and buns as tonight we are heading out to Ron and Edie's place by Yuma Lakes to roast some dogs over their campfire. It was a beautiful night for a weiner roast.

Brenda's brother Brent has had a setback with his leg and it looks like the diabetes is affecting his circulation to such an extent that they are going to have to remove his leg just below the knee. Never ends it seems, so we came home from the fire and booked Brenda a flight home next Thursday the 15th so that she can be with him for a while. He lives alone and and has no other family around except for our daughter Lacey who also lives in Rocky Mountain House. Thanks Lace for all the things you are looking after in our absence.

Looks like that fire is almost ready for some smokies

And here is a shot of Ron and Edith's travelling companion Kato

I've been watching our friends Dennis and Denice's blog and the roads from Alberta are not good and they are having trouble getting south this winter. I think they have been ready for a week or so and are loaded to go. I bet next year, Dennis you are heading south in

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