Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bouse Road

We have moved. We left Yuma this morning as the wind was rising, heading for Quartzsite. First we had to stop and fill the propane, quite a difference from the KOA in Las Vegas where we paid $4.99 a gallon for propane, in Yuma it was $2.45 a gallon and you could find it cheaper if you wanted to run all over town looking. Seeing as how we are not exactly a fuel efficient runabout we decided to eat the difference for the few gallons we needed. The wind was rocking and rolling for a lot of the trip north but our Power Bridge chassis had no problems dealing with it. It is sure a pleasure to drive, almost like a sports car, a big one but a sports car nevertheless.

We decided because Brenda is going to head home in a few days it would be good for us to be in a spot where the aircard and phone would work well. The site on Dome Rock Road that we have stayed at a few times in the past does not have good reception so we are up on the Bouse Road north of Quartzsite in a 14 day area called Plomosa. One of the drawbacks to this site, the oldtimers tell us, is when things start hopping in Quartzsite it takes a while to get through town to get down where all the vendors are on the south side of I-10. Shouldn't be a problem as we certainly have a lot of time to spare here. We are about a .9 miles off of Highway 95 so we won't know it is over there and although we are quite close to Bouse Road, the last time we stayed here it seemed to get pretty quiet in the night. As I write this it is early in the evening and Bouse Road is quiet.

We have got everything set up and all systems seem to be working as advertised and with the great sunshine the power substation on our roof will meet most of our electrical needs. We actually have two setting areas here one out the door of the Discovery for the hot sun part of the day and the other, pictured above, which is overlooking a wash and gets great sun and is protected from any breezes by the tree on the left. The winds that were evident in Yuma this morning appear to not be able to find us here in Quartzsite so it is a beautiful day here with temps in the mid 70's. The hummingbirds have already been to check out our feeder and we have some seed out for the doves and Gambel quail that we can hear but have yet to see.

The shot below is of the full moon just as it was rising today. It is pretty bright, who knows maybe the solar panels will get a little jump from it tonight.
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