Friday, January 16, 2009

Bouse Road Exploration

I went over to Bouse today. The road runs right by the door of the motor home and I figured I should see what was over the hill. It ran over a range of mountains and down into another large flat desert valley. The small town of Bouse is at the intersection of the road I am on and Highway 72. From there I traveled on the County Roads down to Brenda, Arizona. Must of have been missing the real thing I guess. Then it was I-10 back to Quartzsite and back home.

It is BLM land all the way from Highway 95 over to the junction with Hwy 72 so there are boondockers scattered randomly all along the way. By far the highest concentration though is in this Plomosa 14 day area along the first 2 miles of Bouse Road. Once I got over to Bouse I took a drive through the Community Park there. Although they don't have full hookups they do have water and electric and a dump station. It is pretty reasonable to stay there and maybe the most intriguing thing to me is they have an equestrian section. I have been looking for a spot where I could bring some saddle horses down and while there met some folks from Washington, Carroll and her husband David who have done just that. They tell me that there are a lot of great places to ride in the surrounding area and even though the spot they are camped has no water or electrical the horses have all the water they need as well as good pipe pens to spend their evenings in. Through the daylight hours they have them turned out into an electric fenced area just off the edge of the campsite. Now if I can just find a place that I can turn them out for a week or two if we want to run off to Mexico or something maybe I can rescue my ponies from the cold next winter too.

Along the road to Bouse I saw these CJ type jeeps heading off road and although I thought of following them I figured Brenda wouldn't want her baby to head into the outback, no matter what its heritage is.

Once again I came across a couple of these Road Runner guys while the first just showed me how they got their name this fellow seemed inclined to stick around and see what I was up to as long as I didn't try to get to close.
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