Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rocky and Back


Today we were up early with a mission in mind. We headed off before breakfast so we could catch Lacey and Clayton still half awake and smuggle Miss Ella out of their house. Once we had her in our clutches we ran for the wide open country and holed up at Dogpound North for day or two with our youngest grandchild. She wanted to see the horses, over and over again.

We set up her swimming pool on the lawn and filled it with well water. Yikes that was cold but Grandma came through with a few buckets of hot water from the house so it was not long until she was swimming away to her hearts content. I think she spent 2 or 3 hours running and diving into that pool.


Almost every picture we have of her whether on the ground or in the pool has Mack keeping a close watch on her. It would be a brave fool who would try to get between this little girl and her bodyguard. And when Mack wasn’t on duty Meg was.


All in all it was a great day, sunshine, no wind, Ella to keep us smiling all day.


Oh by the way here is picture of our WHOLE apple crop this year. Looks like apple pie is not on the horizon again. Last year we had lot’s of flowers but no bees, this year we had flowers and bees but I guess the bees were not doing what bees do as this is the only apple on the tree. While farming is like that, maybe next year.


Yah, that is my thumb in there for reference.


  1. Ella's a real cutie! Glad to see she has her 'protectors' around to take care of her too!

  2. You have some nice photos there. With a little bit of cropping that second to last one would make a nice portrait of you two.

  3. GREAT photos JB of you & Miss Ella... Looks like she ruled the roost! So adorable! Enjoy that one little ole apple!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. I like the one of you and Ella and the horse.

  5. No doubt about it, a great way to spend the day!

  6. JB, those are wonderful pictures of you and your little sweetie! Marti loves her curly hair and her name, Ella.

    It's great to be a grandparent. Enjoy those special moments. :c)

  7. How do you get her to go back to town and her parents house? No horses, no dogs, no swimming and no grandma........

  8. It's easy to understand why you would steal Ella away to spend time at Dogpound North. She is a cutie. Sure seems like you are all having a fun time. What happened to the photos of you in the pool with Ella???? They weren't posted!!!!

  9. Looks like your enjoying that little Gal and I don't blame you, she is a sweetheart. Nice to see you wearing a "real" cowboy's hat(cap). LOL!

  10. Ella is beautiful! the curls!!..the dogs sure know who is important!!!

  11. Ella is a doll....excellent pictures JB-would love to see your dogpound north in real life...looks like you had a great day with baby Ella...we also spent the w/end with our grands...they sure are amazing...
    take care