Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And Another Day Rushes By.

Today was another great weather day here at Dogpound North. Temperatures got up to 28C (85F) here today and for us that is HOT! Things should moderate back into the low to mid 70’s F over the next few days so we will be able to put away our parasols and stray away from the air conditioning.

I got going early this morning and got the outside yard all mowed before the heat got to carried away, no AC in that mower. Brenda ran into town and washed her Jeep and took her recycling in at the same time. And that was about all the excitement for today. To steal a great quote most of the day I just spent sitting and thinking, or maybe I was just sitting.

Our hay is ready to bale and Bob turned it over last night and this afternoon so I imagine the balers will hit the field any time.



And of course as I wandered around out having a look our mutts gave everything the once over too.


Meg on the left, and Mack on the right

The only other thing of note today was my son Matt arriving back from his shift in Albania for a break. He should be home for almost a month before he heads back. His dog Mack was pretty happy to see him wheel up, and I know his grandparents have been looking forward to his return.

Once the hay was all rolled over it was time to start baling, and that started this evening.

There will still be lots to do tomorrow and maybe the day after but it is good to see it getting started. Now if we can just get a couple more days of dry weather.


I liked the way the clouds came out in this one. Tomorrow we are thinking about a little road trip out west to scout out a new riding spot and maybe just see some country that I haven’t been in for a few years.


  1. love the first photo!..nice job!!!

  2. What are those little square things coming out of that New Holland machine??? Balettes? And yes I am being surly..... My glasses were still covered with so much paint I couldn't spell either.....

  3. Beautiful photos of the area you live in - love those wide open spaces!

  4. you have gorgeous property!!! Great pictures...