Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Now What?

Not much happening around Dogpound North today, guess that is why they call this time of year the “dog days of summer.” It is hot and sultry here in west central Alberta, but hot here doesn’t mean hot like a lot of our American friends are dealing with. Talked to a friend of ours down in Maricopa the other day and his low was 29C, far as I can figure that was our high, for the year, so far. And even down in Montana it is getting into the 30’s C on a regular basis. I usually don’t find much to write about if I can;t find anything to capture with my camera and so far today has been a dead loss, so maybe I will just wander back into the past and dig around for some interesting shots. Maybe I should start off with a cooling trend for our southern neighbours.


Hope he has his snow boots on

We have our hay all cut here and have had 5 or 6 good drying days so I am thinking that the baling will start any minute now. It will probably need to be rolled over once just to let the dew dry out a little though. While the hay is drying out let’s take a leap down to Florida and see what my old friend the Wood Stork is up to.



OK, so he is just sitting around waiting on a hurricane to come by and cool him off, or his buddy the sandhill crane to come past for a visit and tell him about his travels north in the summer looking for cool weather.


Or these ducks talking about how soon they should head somewhere warm for the winter.


But after having a look through my files I figured if you were looking for bird photo’s you’d just pop over to the “Birdlady of Bloglands” own blog and see the great pics she has rather than my poor substitutes.

Just to prove Emma can sit still.

Judy and Emma at a Wildlife Refuge in Texas last winter.


  1. It's been a pretty dry time for bird photos for me being here in Indiana this summer. But soon I'll be back to bird heaven at Anahuac NWR!

    Twitter, twitter, cheep cheep! :)

  2. the dog days of summer..things could be worse..our ground could be shaking or a 'nasty woman named Irene' could be arriving on the weekend!!

  3. Judy does have some really great bird photos, but your's are not bad at all, in fact I'd be proud to have made some shots like that.

    I really like your header picture (okay, I know it's not a bird), it is one incredible shot.

  4. Blogging is kind of tough this time of year for sure.

    Your bird pics are sure good though!

  5. your pics are once again outstanding JB...my goal when we get on the road is to improve my blogging, (maybe get a bit fancy with it)..and learn how to use my nikon to the full advantage..currently I am constantly in manual mode which is quite boring...would love to see dogpound north and when we make the trek across to Gibsons (rick is shooting for 2012 I think) we would love to stop and visit...have a super day
    Rick tucker and lilly too

  6. GREAT photos and fun post....
    Travel safe