Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom


Mom and her partner Charlie (yep Charlie Brown)

Today is my Mom’s birthday so Brenda and I ran into town so that we could take her to lunch. I won’t reveal her age, just let it suffice to say that she wasn’t a child bride and had graduated from University a few years before I was born. Granted she was one of the youngest graduates ever from the University of Alberta but she is past worrying about her age and almost to the bragging stage.

We once again headed down to my favourite Italian place, Gnocchi’s, and chowed down and had a good old chin wag while we ate. Come to think of it a couple of my chins wag now even when I’m not talking.

After lunch we headed back to the farm as we had some blueberries that needed to be processed into jam. Just in case in previous blogs anyone had mistaken me for the head jam cook around here, I am just unskilled labour and help with the stirring or putting the lids on while our master chef is supervising all of that activity. Only at the end of the process does my highly skilled tasting talent come into the process.


The weather here at Dogpound North has been pretty nice for hanging out and doing the things we do but we get a little rain every few days and the humidity has been pretty high for around here (50-60%) so it has not been good haying weather. It is overcast today and kinda looks like rain this evening but that said it is time the hay was cut and that is happening as I write. Now if the Lord just does his part and keeps it dry for a few days we should get that hay into stacks if we are lucky or big round bales if not.



  1. The heck with the got kicked to the curb by the med professionals for another year or so!! yeah....congrats on your anniversary you two!!! May you celebrate many many more...and Happy birthday to your beautiful Mom...she looks like a kind nurturing soul...may she have many many more years of birthdays to celebrate.
    And finally congrats on the haying...all things are coming together for you...your week sounds like ours busy busy with celebrations and the makings of hay and jams..:) take care soon you will be in dogpound south...

  2. happy birthday to your is hoping she has many more birthdays to celebrate!!..

  3. Nice photo of your Mom & Charlie Brown. I like how both heads are inclined towards each other.

  4. Good luck with the haying weather, we still have to do second cutting on the place where we cut hay on shares before we can head your way--let's hope our weather holds too.

  5. Happy Birthday MoM!
    Sounds like a wonderful day and boy do I want some of that jam!!!
    Have fun

  6. For a retired guy, you certainly seem to do a lot of work, jam tasting not included.

    Birthday wishes to your lovely mom!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    That Blueberry Jam is sure to be tasty!

    Good luck with the haying!

  8. Happy Birthday Aunty Georgia xoxoxo