Friday, August 26, 2011

Ram Falls


Our trip yesterday, Thursday, took us up to the South Ram River on the Forestry Trunk Road. Just east of the road is Ram River falls. It is a beautiful spot but man are there a lot of stairs to get to the viewpoint.


I took a scamper down them but as you can see Brenda and her bad knee stayed at the top, she is up there encouraging me as I looked up. Oh and she kept our picnic lunch up there so that gave me a little more incentive to clamber back up to the top.


Well with one more look around I headed back up the stairs and boy did that lunch taste good, and what a great view.


If you look at that little island below the falls you can just see a young fellow standing on the left side. He was fishing down there and almost every time he drop a fly in the water he caught a fish. Good sized ones from what I could see with the telephoto too.


But in this part of the country it is Catch and Release so his frying pan will be empty tonight.


Here is a look at my traveling partner and a couple of fishermen we saw along the creek as we snooped at a new campground


that we might take our horses into some time in the future. A beautiful drive but time to head home and see what is happening back with the working folks at Dogpound North.


  1. gorgeous views!! sure deserved your picnic lunch after climbing all those stairs!!!

  2. Who would expect such a nice set of stairs way out there?

  3. Just stunning... love your photos!!! Poor Brenda's knee ~ I know I have a bad one too and will be having knee replacement in October. I have had 2 minor surgerys and they worked for a while but I am tired of the pain and want it fixed so I can get back to hiking and my regular walking. Hope she gets some relief soon! Tell her I take Meloxicam and it helps...
    Have f un & Travel safe

  4. Breathtaking pictures! I can see why you like living in the frozen North (at least in the summer).