Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back at Dogpound North


We have been home for a few days and other than a few jars of jam and a little grass mowing haven’t got much done. Seems like we are busy all day but it is still hard to think of what actually got done. Sunday I ran into the city and picked up Dad and headed to the Bearspaw Farmers Market. There is always a crowd there and as Sunday was a beautiful day it seemed like there were more folks than there were vegetables', but we managed to get ourselves some great bacon, and a bundle of fresh carrots and some pickling cukes, Brenda likes to eat them with a little salt. Brenda whipped up a pork pot roast with those carrots, some new potatoes and a few onions. So I wonder where those carrots in a grocery store come from cause these farm fresh ones sure taste a lot more like the carrots I used to raid from neighbourhood gardens. Along with that great pot roast there was a fresh blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. There goes my diet….again!

Monday after running Dad back into town I was into my doc for my annual physical, between her, and my cardiologist, they can think of no more reasons to poke and prod at me, and told me to beat it till next spring. So now the next exciting thing that will happen around here is going to be Rebecca’s baby coming. We are in the final countdown now. Less than two weeks till the due date, and with Bec and her sister Lacey’s history, Bec was a few weeks early and Lace was in a hurry and came a full 8 weeks early, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if she was a little early. Early in August Lacey and Brenda had a baby shower for Bec and now that the baby is all showered he could come anytime.

Today I started trying to get a persistent leak we have under our sink fixed. We have had the rig into a couple of places and none have been able to find the leak, but I THINK we have isolated it as the sprayer head and the water appears to run down and make it look like it is the faucet leaking. I hauled that piece into a couple of hardware stores and one RV place looking for a replacement with no luck. But the plumbing specialist in Home Depot robbed a couple of units in his store and I think put together a reasonable facsimile of what we need. Not sure whether that will fix it but here’s hoping.


  1. It is often the clouds themselves that make truly outstanding landscape photos. And, I see you caught a rainbow too:))

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  3. I'm with Brenda on the cucumbers--YUM!

  4. It is a good thingto be able to do your own repairs, hats off to the Home Depot guy for hooking you up with the right parts.

    Really liked your storm photos!

  5. Always nice when the medical types tell you to not come back:)

  6. It sounds like everyone needs a Brenda to cook for them. I sure do! I don't normally eat dessert, but can't resist pie and ice cream.