Thursday, August 18, 2011

HAYING so Guess what?


Another day at Dogpound North. Our hay has been getting cut so that has given me a new landscape to work with my camera. I’ve been watching Al over at the Bayfield Bunch and trying to figure out this Photographers Eye thingy he talks about. Not sure what it is, but I just have to find what I like and that will have to do for the rest of you. Some of his tips and comments make sense when I read them but I can’t remember them all when the camera is in front of my face.


It sure helps when the man upstairs sends some interesting cloud formations by to highlight the photos, and you know since we have our hay laying down we WILL get rain out of those clouds. It would be nice to have the hay dry but seems like that is not going to happen this year.


Shot from a hill about 4 miles east of Dogpound North.

Today Brenda was into town to see our daughter Rebecca and do some last minute shopping before that new baby shows up on the scene so they had a day of shopping and talking and while they were doing that I ran into town and had lunch with Dad. After that it was a trip to our local Costco to pick up a couple of things. While we were away last winter they built a new Costco north of the city and it is not as busy as the ones in town so it is easy to pop in and pick up a thing or two, without the usual long lineups.


  1. Al has a great eye and you are so is hard to put his directions into action..once that camera goes to the eye..poof!..nice work on the cloud pictures!!!

  2. Your right, if the hay is down it will cloud up and rain in the next half hour. Nice pictures, even if your name isn't Al......

  3. Great pictures John particuarly the windmills which are my favorites.

  4. Maybe you could squeeze some of the moisture out of that hay and send it down this way... ;-)

    I like the first picture... the way the furrows of hay mirror the furrows of the clouds. I'd say you have an excellent eye!

  5. Great photos, John. A photographer's eye is simply what you see and like and I, for one, liked what you saw through the lens.

    It's Murphy's Law don't you know - hay and it will surely rain.