Monday, August 22, 2011

Road Trip

Our new LQ horse trailer needed a little tender loving care from the dealer so I was up at 6:00AM and on the road to Red Deer to have it there for an 8:00AM appointment. One of the benefits of early mornings is the sunrises.


The trailer was on time for its appointment and the guys hoped right to it. We had a weld that needed rewelding and were moving a couple of tie rings on the outside of the trailer so it didn’t take long once they were started. Meanwhile I wandered around town and fuelled up the truck, shopped at the farm supply store and then took a run out to Sylvan Lake. Sylvan is Central Alberta’s best known lake community and for the most part is the closest natural lake to the city of Calgary. Lot’s of changes there since I was last there about 15 or 20 years ago. Holy Smokes they even have a Walmart Supercentre now. And people, lots of people.


And off in the distance I saw this guy looking for a party. Might be Rod from the Lake of the Ozarks down there in Missouri wandering along checking out the coves.


Got the trailer hooked up and headed home by 11:00AM so I had time to take down some temporary fences I use to pasture the horses on some of our lawn here. The grass has slowed down enough that I am thinking I will be able to keep up on my own now and it is time for the ponies to move on to greener pastures. Besides that we might get some company in the next couple of weeks and maybe those horses looking in their motorhome window would be disconcerting, although I guess it beats bears on the deck.


  1. Is it better to have horses look in your motorhome window than bears?

    Either way, you never seem to have a dull moment up there at Dogpound North.

    Have to love how fast your dealer took care of your trailer, that's service you don't see too much of today.

  2. I'll take the horses looking in my windows any day John!

  3. Horses peeping in sounds might wonderful to me!!!
    Have fun

  4. Eh, my pontoon is red and black over white, otherwise I'm sure he is up to the same no good I would be be up to!!!! Snoopin where I don't belong and have no invitation to be.......LOL