Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bates Bar J

Today we had to return Miss Ella to her parents. Figured they knew where we lived so sooner or later they were going to come looking for her. While Brenda was driving her home Caron, my niece, and I loaded a couple of horses in the trailer and headed out to Bates’ place for a ride. For many years Caron spent time every summer here and up till last year was a horse leader there. Not sure the horse’s needed a leader but I guess the little kids who were going on the trail rides sure did. Today she took me out and showed me some of the country. The picture below is Caron riding my mare Willow as we cross one of the many creeks along the trail.


It is a beautiful spot and I am going to be bugging her to take me back time and time again. Best part is it is only about a half hour from our barn, so it is not long drive.


The shots above and below are from a couple of overlooks , the one above with the Rockies in the background is where we ate our lunch.


I sure hope we get back there when the leaves start to turn as it will be an even more beautiful spot, and I might even take my good camera’s along.

Going into Bates is a pretty steep hill and it was apparent that the trailer brakes were on some kind of break of there own, going down there. Once we got home I started investigating and soon isolated it to the truck we were using, my Dad’s Remnant truck. Took about five hours to find the place where the wire had corroded off and about 2 minutes to fix it. Time I get it all back together I will have spent about 7 hours looking for one little broken wire. Well better me than some guy charging me a $125/hour to do it. Tomorrow is another early day as I need to take my other horse trailer up to Red Deer to get a couple of things fixed and a modification or two done to it.


  1. great scenery! are so fortunate!!!

  2. What a beautiful place for a ride. Not sure what camera you were using but those pics looked pretty 'good' to me!

    You and I could make a fortune if we were paid a good hourly rate for the jobs we do ourselves!!