Friday, August 12, 2011

On the Road Again

It was time to put a few kilometres on and see some country. Last Sunday morning, early, real early, we hit the road for the West Coast. We had a date with a ferry at 2:30 PM so as it was 600 and some miles away we needed an early start. If you get away before the tourist hit the road you can make pretty good time through the parks but once they are up it is really a scenic drive and not one to do with a schedule. A lot of pretty country but we didn’t get any pictures at all as we were focused on our deadline. Once we got to the ferry dock we had a little time to watch the scenery while the boat came in to get us.


Our destination was our friends John and Gina’s place just out of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. They run a beautiful little Bed and Breakfast along the Nanaimo River just south of town. It is a great place to decompress although being retired it is pretty hard to get pressured up anyway. Nevertheless it is a great spot and if you are ever in the area and need a spot to slow the world down this is the place for you, A Riverside B&B.


Monday morning we took off for a day trip into Victoria and although we had trouble parking the boat it all worked out in the end.


Well, we didn’t really take that boat but we did get a good look at it from our parking spot. It is the Pallada a Russian frigate that is on a tour of North America. We had a great day strolling along the waterfront and watching all the goings on. There was enough folks that it was not boring but not so many that it was crowded. The weather was perfect and the company was even better. John and Gina below, they have been friends of Brenda’s for a long time, I won’t mention how long but I think the Empress was a new hotel when they met.


After a day walking the streets and seeing the sights we headed back to our little hideaway along the river.


Tuesday was a kick back kind of day, we did a little running around in the morning, and then just loafed on deck and soaked up the atmosphere for the afternoon and then Brenda whipped up a little Cheesy potatoes, and BBQ’d steaks. Dessert was one of Gina’s apple pies with a large dollop of ice cream, followed by a walk along the river with Cleo. The shots below are of John and Gina’s dog chasing a stick in the river below their house.



  1. another pooch that can 'fly'!!..whoo hoo!!..and both from BC!!

  2. Great pictures of 'your boat' in the harbour - I never did get down to see that. John and Gina's B&B sure looks like a great spot to spend some time.

  3. Wow. Nice boat! The slip fees must be a killer though!

  4. So you can have fun without horses? Nice to see a little change of pace.

    Now, where are you gonna park that frigate at Dogpound South? :c)

  5. Glad your having a fun & relaxing time... Your photos are gorgeous and love the poochie shots!!!
    Have fun

  6. OMG - are those bare legs I see there?!