Saturday, December 11, 2010

What’s Up

Well it has been a spell since I wrote anything on this journal. We haven’t been doing to much exciting around here, the weather is a little cool but not so cool we are heading back home anytime soon. We’ve just spent the last few days hanging around camp and doing a few chores. I had some blood work to get done and that in itself was a challenge. Peers that cash is NOT king in the American medical system and most places didn’t want to deal with a gypsy type full timer without an address somewhere south of the medicine line to send a bill too. Now usually our mail up there in Canada gets to us in good order, even the stuff sent from down south here, but it appears that our alpha numeric Postal Code stymies most of the computer programs down here. Well figured out that issue with the help of my cousin Mickey and her place in Arizona then it appears that although my doctor was educated in Canada and France and has all the requirements needed to practise medicine in Alberta she is unable to issue an order for a little test to tell whether my blood is too thin or not. Now if you want to spend a couple of thousand dollars you can buy a rig that will do the test yourself, but seems to me that I am better off letting the professionals figure out what dosage I should be on rather than a Do It Yourself kit, even if that professional is only a Canadian doctor. Well there appears to be one solution, lo and behold, go on down and see the local doctor and once he does a work up and figures out what is wrong with you he could issue an order for a simple test. Got to be a better way. I know what it is I need and have a qualified doctor already overseeing my treatment.

Well after a day or two of driving around I finally found a place that can do the test, can deal with my wandering ways, and all they need is for me to pay the bill. So common sense is alive and well in Lafayette, just sometimes you need to dig a little to find it.

All that medical mumbo jumbo aside we have enjoyed our stay here at Poche’s Fish-N-Camp and will certainly put it on our list of places to stay again when we are next in the neighbourhood or to recommend to our friends and fellow travellers. The sunsets have been beautiful and the sunrises are their equal.



One thing I know for sure is that this Cajun cooking sure doesn’t agree with my belt. Seems that it is shrinking up every day and Brenda must be washing my jeans in hot water cause they sure seem to fit tighter every day. Meg is doing her part to keep me from having to buy new clothes though and dragging me 4 or 5 miles everyday around the site here.


And I can’t blame all that growing on the Cajun cooking either as many of you know I have brought along my own personal chef whose chief function is making dishes I can not say no to. Rib-eye done to perfection, green peas, garlic mashed potatoes and toasted garlic bread, no wonder my clothes are shrinking.

Tomorrow our stay here will come to an end and Monday morning we will be off to the east and Denham Springs to visit with Gina and Rollie for a few days before beginning our trek west.


  1. Can't say that I have ever had a taste for peas, but other than that, your personal chef can cook for me any day of the week! Hope your blood is of the right consistency for whatever you plan on doing! Over the years, I've also had a problem with shrinking pants. :) Must be the water!

  2. A couple of those great looking rib-eyes with garlic mashed potatoes and you sure won't have to worry about your blood being too thin, John!!

    Sure looks good!! I have a magic shrinking belt too. Must be cheap leather.

  3. Wait for us!! Glad you got the blood work done! The good ole US medical system--you gotta love it!

  4. Just when I'm trying to be good and not over do it in the eating department, you had to go and post that picture of those ribs!!!

  5. Double up on the peas and leave the garlic bread and spuds for Meg and the shrinking pants will be no longer. xxxooo

  6. We loved our time at Poche's last year, and the Louisiana food! Fried and delicious!