Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Spicing up our Life

Today was a day to spice things up a bit. So being the practical person I am, I took Brenda to Avery Island the home of the plant that makes Tabasco sauce. There is a factory tour that consists of a 10 minute movie and a look at the factory floor. They produce about 3/4 of a million bottles of Tabasco sauce here each and every day. Guess a lot of folks need some spicing up. Winking smile


Now not all those bottles are the gallon jug size but I guess some folks need more spicing up than others.

Of course like all these tours they always have a gift shop and we managed to refresh our spice cupboard right from the source.

After the factory tour we took a spin around their Jungle Gardens, kind of a low budget Buchart Gardens. They were peaceful and would be a great place to settle down with a good book on a hot summer day. The egrets that nest here were unfortunately all on their southern winter vacation in South America and what with the cool temps the alligators were no where to be seen, so Meg missed another chance to meet one of those slithering critters…..from afar, not sure she is quick enough to get out of their way.


After the tour we needed some nourishment and someone in Natchitoches the other day told us to stop in at Pat’s Landing in Henderson for some good food. It was nothing special and all deep fried so although it was OK if you like that kind of fare we won’t be heading back anytime soon.

We made it back to Poche’s in time for another great sunset though.



  1. Did you know Poche's have a restaurant? It's not on the RV site but on the corner of the road where the bridge is on the way into Breaux Bridge. I've heard their food is good although we never ate there.

  2. How far is the tobasco factory from Poche's?

  3. Lasyone's Meat Pie Kitchen622 2nd St, Natchitoches, LA
    Tel: (318) 352-3353
    This is my favorite place to eat true Cajun food! It's been in business for years and where the locals go to eat. Enjoy.

  4. nice sunset picture today!..what a great way to end the day!!

  5. Will have to add this tour to our list. Spicy hot is good in these temps!

  6. Be careful, I hear that if you stay in Louisiana too long you begin to pick up that cajun accent. That will never do up North of the 49th!

  7. I think that gallon jug of hot sause on the right looks positively evil.

    I guess you have to have a real taste 9or no taste buds) to enjoy something like that... ;c)