Friday, December 3, 2010

Poches Fish n Camp

We left Natchitoches this morning and headed down the trail towards Breaux Bridge and Poches Fish-n-Camp. This site is built around a number of dredged ponds and every site is waterfront. The ponds are stocked with a variety of fish and campers are able to fish here without a license. It is not that crowded here so we have a pretty nice site without any close neighbours, at least as of the time of writing this. We are pretty good at looking spread out so most folks will probably pass up parking right next to us as well they should there is lots of room for everyone here.


There is one rig a couple of sites closer than the little trailer you can see off in the distance but so far our strategy is working fine.

It is pretty peaceful here as we are a few miles outside of town, and the sunsets are beautiful and even though there were no clouds to really make the colours outstanding it was still pretty nice.


This shot was taken from our dining room table as we ate our supper.

There were a couple of herons working along the lake this afternoon and the picture below is one of them just lifting off.


We are planning on sitting tight here for a week or so to give us time to do a little exploring in the area.


  1. That's a nice looking site - hope everyone decides to keep spread out. The sunset was very pretty - it's always nice to have a great sunset at a campsite.

  2. I love that RV park. There are nice places to walk and I liked to watch the birds. Great place, glad you're staying there.

  3. I look forward to your reports on this area, as I'll be traveling that way towards the end of January, and that campground has been recommended by another blogger. :)

  4. what a great campsite!..nice to have some distance between the neighbours!!

  5. Enjoy some warm weather for me and I'm sure glad you finally got Brenda's TV working!

  6. Glad to hear you guys made it a little more south. Enjoy a little fishing along with some good cajun sightseeing.

    Rollie & Gina

  7. With a little ingenuity, Google Earth, Streets and Trips, and the internet, I was finally successful finding where you are hiding. Looks like a great spot. We like that type of area where there are not too many people around. Just settle down and relax and enjoy! Have a good one John and Brenda!!