Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Out and About

Today was another great day spent with the Thurstons. Brenda and Gina headed out to do a little “retail therapy”, followed by a visit to the doctor for Brenda. Gina’s doctor was able to help with the pain from Brenda’s knee although he did tell her to stay off it, and if she was going to do any touristy stuff that required a lot of walking she should rent a cart and not over exert the knee. We’ll see how well she listens.

Meg and I managed to successfully get our walk in although the local folks were amazed that we came back alive after walking some of the neighbourhood highways and byways, so tomorrow we will try some other routes to see if there is any less traffic. Let you know how that goes next time.

Rollie and I had a couple of errands to run and a trip to Camping World to pick up some supplies, a water filter and a bladder for hauling fresh water in the desert. While we were there we wandered in and out of a lot of new motorhomes. Some nicer than others but it was nice to find that the one I was in that I liked the best was the same as the one I was going home to. Means that the choices we made a couple of years ago when we ordered this outfit are still the choices we would make today. Below is a shot of the new rig Rollie is thinking of, room for his quad and all the necessities of life. Sure won’t be a problem for that big truck of his to pull.


Then on the way home we stopped at the Bass Pro here in Denham Springs to have a look around and check out the local habitat decorations. They have done a wonderful job with the swamp type of deco here and really do a good job of representing the local environment. Although after looking around at all the stuffed raccoons in this store it is a wonder that there are any left at all in the wild here in Louisiana.

Once we got home Rollie started preparing some chickens and smoked turkey for our dinner.


After Gina and Brenda returned and Gina set to preparing her Gumbo for dinner. We set down to another great meal with great company including Ricky and Dana, Rollie’s sister and BIL, and Brandi, a close family friend, as well as Nicole, Gina and Rollie’s daughter. To much good food and of course a couple of choices for dessert. And that is not counting the Key Lime pie Nicole made that needs to set overnight. Rest assured I will be keeping a close eye on that to make sure I get to taste it tomorrow.


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  1. Sounds like they are keeping you well fed in Louisiana!

    I need to make a run by Bass Pro. Johnny has his eye on a new tackle box...