Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baking and the Lights

Since last time I wrote we have been busy here in San Antonio, Brenda with her Christmas baking, and me with the high stress position of being the official taster. After all we wouldn’t want to serve company things that were not perfect and up to Brenda’s usual high standards. We started with what we are realizing is a Canadian treat called Butter Tarts, most of our American friends look at us strangely when we mention them, but after a couple of minutes of puzzled looks they quickly realize if they don’t get busy I will have eaten them all before they get a sample.


Then it is on to a more common treat down here, Pecan Tarts, and it doesn’t take most folks anytime at all to get on that bandwagon.


Finally a candy that Gina calls Millionaires but that we know as Turtles. The best part about making your own turtles is the fact that you can make them in man-sized portions instead of those nibble sized ones that you buy in the store.



That brings me to the final baking activity that I am involved in, which consists of Meg and I walking about 4-5 miles a day just to work up the appetite to maintain my position as chief taster for this operation.

Tonight we are heading off to the Riverwalk with Rod, Deb, Jim and Ellie to find a spot for some Mexican food and peruse the Christmas Lights down there as well.



  1. I'm not much of a candy eater, but those treats look yummy. I'd probably get started eating and couldn't stop until they were gone! Official taster - now that is a very good job.

  2. Happy Baking Day..and Merry Christmas to you and Brenda!!..the treats look delicious!..Butter tarts made in the USA..way to spread the word!!!

  3. Those butter and pecan tarts look terrific! I know the stress and pressure you're under John as the 'official taster'! It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. That job falls to me here and folks just don't realize what a responsibility it is to make sure what's left is o.k. to eat!!

    Merry Christmas to you and Brenda and enjoy the holidays!

  4. Thanks for the link to your roof and wind story! I knew you would come thru for me!

    Yep never had a butter tart! When someone brings up a tart, I think of something.......well better let that go!

    I was not even able to find the tart pastry shell at Wal Mart here in Arizona. Must truly be an up North thing!

    But if I could, I would be there making all those strange things disappear.

    Some tough duty that river walk and Christmas Light, Tex Mex Restaurant thing!

    So have a Merry Christmas down there in Texas!

    Retired Rod and Loyce

  5. Haven't ever tried a butter tart, but I'd sure be willing to! :)