Friday, December 31, 2010

Central Market

Today we headed into downtown San Antonio to a visit an old favourite of ours the Central Market, as well as all the usual vendors there are a couple of very good Mexican restaurants in that area and we thought we should have a little lunch today. But before that I had to pry Brenda away from all these flip-flops. Luckily she was not in a flip-flop mood or we would have been looking for a bigger rig.


We decided on La Margarita as the restaurant of choice and then went all out and had the family style Fajita’s for our meal. The food was excellent and the service was as well. These entertainers were working just off the patio selling their CD’s and some flutes as well, so we got to enjoy the sounds of Mexico as we dined.


After lunch and much to my surprise Brenda opted out of browsing through the rest of the market, guess I am not a good shopping companion or something, so we headed back to the truck and wandered our way down to a couple of the San Antonio Missions to have a look around.

The first one we visited was the Mission Concepcion which is still an active parish in the Catholic Archdiocese here in San Antonio, as are 4 of the original five missions. The fifth, and oldest of them, the Mission San Antonio de Valero serves another purpose and is cared for my the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. It is commonly called the Alamo and is probably the most visited.

Mission Concepcion which is pictured below is over 250 years old and still has it’s original roof and walls although some of the colourful frescoes are a little faded with time.


IMG_4204Mission Concepcion



The other Mission we visited was the Mission San Jose and although we stopped there and watched an excellent video about the Mission history we didn’t tour the facility as Brenda’s knee was getting a little sore.

Which brings me to the knee story. We sent the results of the MRI off to her doc in Calgary and got a call later in the day from her to interpret all the medical jargon into plain English. It appears that there is bone rubbing bone and the cartilage is GONE in that joint and in a nutshell there is not much that can be done to fix it. She is talking some physiotherapy and maybe some other things but the best thing for it is to rest it. THAT is probably not going to happen, Brenda is a little young to be spending the rest of her life sitting watching the world go by, besides she just isn’t built that way. She asked about knee replacement, and although that is the only real solution, there is a reluctance to put a replacement knee in a person so young. They like you to be a lot older and less active before they do that. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but I am sure that between Brenda and the specialist they will come up with a solution that will be workable. My bet is a new knee.

This morning we are off to stock up for New Years Day dinner and I am sure at some point I will be revelling my readers with pictures and a description of that feast. Or maybe I should just take Brenda to Sam’s for a Hot Dog.

Happy New Year to all


  1. Kinda looks like your food might be on fire with all that smoke rising up there. The entertainers don't exactly look like the ZZ Top guys who I think live down in that area of Texas somewhere. Might want to try a little WD40 on that knee Brenda....:))

  2. You'd think they'd be able to invent artificial cartelage, wouldn't you? Happy New Year to you both! :)

  3. Something that has proved good for me in rebuilding cartledge is Glucosamaine Sulfate. I have been on it for over ten years. It takes several months to show results if it helps. I buy it online from Puritan at a very reasonable price.
    Enjoy reading your blog.

  4. That's is tough news about Brenda's knee. We agree about knee replacements, Marti's mom and two sister's had it done and it worked wonderfully. Don't give up!

    I love San Antonio, I attended a conference there several years ago and saw some of the same sights you're seeing, thanks for bringing back the memories.

    The same guys are still playing the music, too, I recognized them from your picture. I sat a listened to them for a long time and enjoyed their music.

    Happy New Year!

  5. It didn't freeze here last night! The weather forecasters are all wet! The wind is now gone and the day is beginning to warm up so come on over!!!

    It should really be nice by the time you get here!

  6. I love San Antonio...
    Wishing you a great new year…
    filled with peace ☮ love ♥ happiness ☺ good health and fun!
    Travel Safe

  7. How Brenda, I am so sorry for you.

    My cat has the worst arthritis/osteoporosis in her shoulder that my vet has ever seen. She would limp around on three legs.
    When I put her on glucosamine and chondroitin, she started using that leg, and then stopped limping after a while. I am not comparing you to my cat, but she isn't influenced by advertising or the internet!!

    It is cheap to buy, I think they have it at the Dollar Store.

    I sure hope that you can do something besides surgery.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  8. My wife has had both knees replaced in the last 2 years. Gets along real good for 72 She also had bone on bone No choice but replace

  9. Happy New Year John and Brenda!!..we wish you joy, happiness and good health(maybe a new knee)..and safe travels!
    Cheers for British Columbia!!
    Sue and Doug

  10. Brenda, I have the same problem. Last fall I received a series of 5 shots made from the combs of roosters (who'd a thunk it?). It has really helped. Sometimes it's still very painful but I now have periods with little or no pain. Good Luck

  11. OK, the mouthy nurse is going to speak up, Brenda probably needs a new knee, young or old, she needs a new knee--I've been part of surgeries for new knees on people younger than Brenda. Do artificial knees last forever, no, but the technology is so much more advanced than it used to be. Have you thought about doing some research about having it done here in the States? Not all hospitals charge the same and some are willing to work with you on costs. Just a thought--see you soon!

  12. Looks like it was -25 or so around Olds, Sundre the last few days, so it is still better down here! But don't come back to AZ for a week or so till it has a chance to warm up. Meanwhile, I am lured by those temps in the 80's down Tx way!
    Nice photo of Peyto lake on your header. I used to see that almost every day when I was working in LL!