Sunday, December 5, 2010

Covering some Ground!

Today we decided we needed to see some country, or rather I figured that and Brenda got caught in the truck. We headed out of Poche’s Fish-N-Camp and pointed the pickup towards Kaplan,, Louisiana where we were looking for a tiny country store and restaurant that has been recommended by many of our friends and fellow bloggers. 45 or so miles later we came upon a little store with a jam packed full parking lot, not exactly a well kept secret but a good sign nevertheless. It is the last weekend of the waterfowl hunting season here till after Christmas and it was apparent that most of the hunters in southern Louisiana depend on the folks at Suire’s to fix their lunches. There was a never ending parade of folks in camouflage ordering or picking up orders they had phoned in from their blinds and heading back out for the afternoon hunt.


Brenda had the Crab Pistolette’s (2) and I had a Shrimp Po’ Boy and we shared an order of Onion Rings. The Onion Rings were as good as I have ever eaten with the breading having the perfect mixture of spices for me and although it was my first Po’ Boy, it certainly won’t be my last, and the rest will have a tough test to measure up to. Pistolette’s for those who are unfamilar with them are dinner rolls stuff with crab meat and then deep fried, you can almost feel your arteries clogging up just thinking about them, but they are ‘oh so good’. To top it off we took a few chocolate covered peanut butter balls along for the rest of our journey. No point in just getting a couple of arteries unplugged might as well do them all while they are in there…Smile.

After we filled our stomach’s it was time to resume our journey. We headed for Oak Grove down near the coast so got to drive through a mix of terrain. Not long after we left Suire’s we headed out into the marshes or whatever folks call swamp down in these parts. Wandering along that 65 miles of road through the southern end of nowhere makes a fellow wonder who built this road and more importantly WHY, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the scenery but my mind always comes back to the economics behind the project and unless I am missing something here they have to be pretty sketchy. Oh well nice of them to build that great road just so Brenda and I could get an up close and personal look at all that marsh. We did spot a few denizen’s of the swamp along the way.


And of course no long drive would be complete without a look at a little work going on to ensure America’s energy security.


Just use your imagination on the first picture and you’ll find a drilling rig working in there. Hard to see and maybe not to much impact either, although if folks down here don’t like them they can always depend on Canada’s Oil Sands to supply them with reasonably priced energy with  not much adverse effect on the environment. While I am on an environmental kick, we did have a look at what we could see and at least this far inland there seems to be no oil from the spill evident, although that could change further east and closer to the coast. But we have noticed an environmental issue that is probably bigger than the Macondo well spill and certainly more widespread. What is it with folks that makes them think they need to spread their trash along the highways and byways of this great country. I wish the shot below was the only place we have seen this but alas it is spread from here back to our own province of Alberta. C’mon folks I know landfills aren’t a great solution but surely they are better than this.


On the road back from Oak Grove we crossed the Intercoastal Waterway and saw this fellow moving a couple of big barges down the canal.


And just in case you think I forgot this was an RV’ing blog here is a picture of an RV that we passed along I-10 on the way home tonight


The power train for this outfit is in the red trailer just in front of it and I am sure it is pretty relaxing way to travel, but you would have to stay off the Interstates.

After our 245 mile jaunt today we arrived back here at Poche’s to watch the sunset.



  1. I'm thinking I'll have to at least try a shrimp Po' Boy and some of those onion rings! :)

  2. You did a lot of driving today1

    Onion rings sound so good, but I can think of better ways to eat shrimp. I guess I shouldn't knock it until I try it, eh?

  3. While Louisiana is part of the USA, it seems like a very different land than what us upper Midwesterners know. But they certainly know how to eat down there that's for sure!

  4. the trash is shameful. I have noticed it is getting worse too. :(

  5. I thought Mike Clark was the only person who jumped in a truck and drove 245 miles in one day???? As for the trash--my home state of Arkansas is exactly the same, used to drive my Daddy crazy! Is it because LA, AR and MS are the poorest states in the US, is it the "red neck" mentality? Who knows but it sure is aggravating!

  6. Beautiful sunsets, g o l l y