Monday, December 20, 2010

Next Stop San Antonio

This morning dawned bright and sunny so Meg and I headed out to have a look around this Wildlife Refuge. I am not sure why they call it that as there appeared to be a lot of shotguns booming from all points of the compass and there were a lot of geese circling high above, probably looking for a place to light where they could enjoy their winter vacation without becoming the proverbial Christmas Goose. But ironically I am sure that all the largest contributors to the conservation movement are those same hunters. Here is a shot of Judy and Emma as they were getting ready to head off to work this morning before we left.


Now this was a great place to stop and Judy did offer to give us a tour of the Refuge if we had of stayed but we thought, no, we should move on, that would get us through the Houston megopolis and any traffic issues fairly early on a Sunday when the it was unlikely that the traffic would be snarled up. The plan worked.


Traffic wasn’t to bad…….for the first little while….and then the other shoe dropped. I-10 West was closed for some planned maintenance or something so we diverted to I-610, that would cause us to have a little jog to the north but no big deal. At least it wasn’t till the tank truck run over the tow truck and very quickly everything came to a grinding halt.


Not to terrible though, what with the help of some friendly truckers and our CB radio we figured out what was going on and which was the best lane to be in to transit this smoozle with the least delay possible. Half an hour or so later we were on our way again. The rest of the way out of Houston the roads were clear sailing, at least till we cleared the city.


I-10 was pretty busy all the way over to San Antonio. It is hard to tell whether our traffic strategy worked or not. Like most things in life it was a little of both.

But no fear, we did manage to get to Braunig Lake RV Resort in time for Happy Hour Sunday with the Kendall's and Meacham's.


  1. Glad to hear you had a safe journey! :)

  2. It is more than a coincidence that the words Texas and Traffic both start with the letter T. Glad you are settled in for a while.