Thursday, October 13, 2011



This time next week, God willing and the creeks don’t rise, we should be sitting just north of the Medicine Line in Coutts, Alberta ready to cross into the Treasure State first thing in the morning.

But, that is a week away and we have lots to do before then. Today was a nice Indian Summer day here at Dogpound North. Not to hot but the sun was shining and the wind was just a comfortable breeze. I started off the day by running the LQ trailer up to Sundre to get some welding and fabrication work done on the stalls we use when we are in the mountains with our horses. That done it was back home to wait until it was time to run into Cochrane to see the dentist about a tooth I chipped last week.

While I was doing that Brenda washed the outside of my little truck and then took off for Chestermere. She spent the day with our daughter Rebecca and of course our grandson, Kashton. I am sure he missed me but he had to take his Mom and Grandma shopping by himself.

I was surveying the Yahoo news and stumbled across an article that only confirmed heading south for the winter this year is a wise decision. Sure wish I had enough trailer to take our other 2 horses with us, but I guess they have enjoyed Alberta in the winter before and they have lots of shelter and if need be enough feed to last them well into next summer.


The picture at the top of the page is Eddotenajon Lake on the Cassiar Highway just south of Iskut, BC and this one is of Medziadin Lake a little farther south on the Cassiar.


  1. We've been to Meziadin Lake--I got a little concerned when I saw the locked concrete building where you are supposed to put your garbage and the abundance of signs stating, "this is grizzly bear country." Beautiful place!

  2. Beautiful photos JB. You certainly live in a lovely area. Safe travels south!

  3. An anonymous English teacher out there? :)

  4. I. Bet those horses wished you had a bigger trailer too.

  5. so excited to be following along with you folks until it is our turn to leave....:) I'm sure darling boy was smothered in Nanny Kisses yesterday....

  6. I was looking for some Inukshuks in your pics but didn't see any along the trails. That'd be Inuit Inukshuks!

  7. It seems your wheels are soon to roll southbound. Kind of sense the excitement! Understand that too!

    Yes, according to the local weather girl, it's a good thing to head south this winter cause the prediction is for an even longer, colder and snowier winter.