Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Today was another day of getting ready to roll, more on Brenda’s part than mine. She gave the LQ a good cleaning, now it is up to me to stuff it full of all the things we will think we need down at Dogpound South, without making a mess of it. Mmmmmm, not usually one of my strong points. While Brenda was cleaning the guilt got to me so I gave the “REMNANT” truck a badly needed wash and got it filled with diesel so it is ready for its winter hiatus. That done it was time to feed the horses and us.

The weather is holding out for us so far this fall and to date we have had a great Indian Summer with not much inclement weather and a gentle easing into seasonal temperatures. We are only getting into the 50’s in the day here and soon we will drop into below freezing temps at night, so will probably need to burn a little electricity to keep the LQ unfrozen. Everything else is winterized and ready for the cold to come.

Sure is good to see our friend Rod over there in Overland Park, Kansas starting to come out of his surgery. Things are going slowly but each day seems to be a little better for him, at least that is what I glean from his daily blog. We have a date to hit Fuddruckers down in Mesa this winter so it imperative that he get healing and feeling up to the journey.

When Mike and Janna were up here he was lamenting the re-introduction of wolves into his environment down there in Montana. Those recent immigrants were actually captured in the Hinton/Grande Cache area of central Alberta and transported down to our neighbours in Yellowstone Park where they were released. Now the guy in the picture up above was one we kept but we found some that needed a little more food like the one below to send south of the Medicine Line.


Now maybe once you get yours fattened up a little Mike they will be less of a problem for ya.


  1. What kind of luck do you have when a black wolf crosses your path?

    He does look a wee bit hungry.

  2. Poor baby! Maybe he should go to Yellowstone, too.

  3. Those wolves aren't that skinny any more they have been eating good beef down south of the Medicine Line! See you guys soon!

  4. Nice of you to send that scrawny little wolf down to Montana!

  5. He looks so hungry my 'stupid' heart would have me out there feeding him...great pictures..

  6. JB that's a beautiful Wolf picture! I can taste that Fudds burger right now.........