Friday, October 14, 2011

T -6


The picture above is actually “down the road from Dogpound” and although it was a little dusty today, another day or two and the trees will have their winter foliage (none) on, so I thought I better capture it.

Today was another run around day. First I ran into the city for a visit and to help Dad fill out some papers. We had lunch at Humpty’s while we did that and picked him up some milk on the way back to his place. After that I headed back to the farm and changed from the little truck to the dually as I had to head north to Sundre and pick up our LQ at the welding shop. It is all rigged up for our stalls to fit on it now so we just need to add a tarp and we are good to go.


The horses were interested in the goings on and were keeping an eye on the trailer, probably wondering where it was off to without them. The other thing that kept me hopping today was arranging for some hay down at Dogpound South. Our friend Ray has been looking around the neighbourhood for someone to supply us with a winters worth of feed and we finally connected today. It appears that we are good to go now with about 6.5 tons of hay for our four legged friends. A horse produces about 7 tons of manure a year so it only stands to reason he will have to eat somewhere around the same amount of fodder. Now there is some information you won’t find on every RV’ing blog.

While I was doing my thing Brenda was of course hard at it back at home cleaning and organizing stuff although by the time I got home she was pretending to just lay around. Guess she figures I don’t notice the changes or something.

I am thinking it is almost time to head south, it seems that our hosts for the winter have sent their representative up to show us the way.


Actually there is a population of these eagles that migrates through here fall and spring. The golden eagles tend to pass a little to the west of us along the actual mountain tops but these bald eagles seem to come over closer to us.


  1. Thanks for the info on the manure, my life's learning is now complete with that little (7.5 ton) tidbit. ;c)

    I'm impressed that you're able to remain so calm with so little time left before you head south. I wouldn't have any fingernails left.

  2. That manure info is so important. I just wish there was someone (other than The Cowboy) that I could pass it on to. Great Blog, Great photos! Safe Travels!

  3. manure 101...must need to know info for sure lol...great blog love the horse pics :)

  4. Is Brenda going to follow you in the small Chevy truck? Seems to me like having that all winter would be really nice.

    Loyce will follow me with her Honda this year, as I will be pulling our utility trailer with her quilting supplies, oh and my motor scooter over in one corner, LOL.

  5. Something learned for sure. Seems clear that you are ready to head south! And hey!....there will be hay waiting when you arrive.