Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sorta Together


This morning we were up bright and early again. But unlike other days we were not going garage saling. We have made some acquaintances down her since we arrived and they were going to ride out into the desert this morning. Being as how they live a couple of miles from our place we had to have our saddles filled by shortly after seven to make it over to the starting spot by 8:00AM. Not a problem though what with our satellite system not yet working and the internet being pretty slow we are an early to bed and early to rise bunch here.

Once we met up with our riding partners we headed out to the Vekol Wash and just wandered out into the desert towards the BLM land.

It has been a while since we had as good a ride so without a doubt there will be some sore muscles tomorrow morning but we sure enjoyed getting out into the desert and just wandering. As you can see from some of the pictures there is some soft going so the horses will be getting legged up pretty quick out here too.

After we got home from the ride I headed into town to pick up some stuff from the hardware and then came back and fiddled with the satellite dish some more. Not sure what the problem is but we are still without TV, not the end of the world but I am thinking from the looks that I am getting it is not a sustainable situation.

Tonight we ran down to our local watering hole and had dinner there and gave our very excellent cooking crew the night off. That done it was back to a little Ian Tyson and our computers for the rest of the evening.


  1. That looks like a real fun day. You have not missed much, nit much good on TV:) What a surprise huh?

  2. Looked to be a great day out in the desert. Sure sounds like a better way to see the sights than hiking!

  3. Different muscles getting a workout, I guess. Hiking, riding, sitting around, I get sore from just sitting around!would rather be hiking or riding for sure. What a beautiful day.

  4. Nice photos from the ride out in the desert. Are you using a Shaw dish? Do their technical service folks suggest any resolutions.

    I recall when we had problems last winter, the Shaw techs would simply state that our receiver was faulty. It was never faulty...and to this day works perfectly well. Good luck with that.

  5. That's a cool way to explore the desert. I can see why you brought the horses with you.

    Too bad for an old time oil tycoon like yourself, they eat hay instead of oil! ;c)