Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Old Corrals and Sagebrush

Well it was a good title that came to mind while I was putting up the new pens and fences here at Dogpound South. We have a pipe fence surrounding the place and the posts and rails are unfinished pipe so they get a little rusty looking, or maybe that is just the latest decorator shade of brown. Anyway when I headed off to LP Steel down the road in Stanfield I picked up some new panels to make pens for our horses and they had some in a matching shade of BROWN so that is what I got. Anybody who knows Brenda, knows matching is an important concept, and I think that after many years of getting it wrong I just might have hit the mark this time. Ray and his friend Steve popped over and gave me a hand putting the panels up so it went a lot faster than I had expected. Looks OK too!


Here is a look at the ponies eating dinner out of their new feeders and you can see the new sunshade and the pens to the right in the picture. The panels were a little longer than I could haul in our trailer so I was out early this morning running around the neighbourhood trying to bum a trailer from someone else. Finally found one up near Laskosky’s old place, one of his neighbours, Dave Sather, loaned me his flatbed.

Once we got the panels up I ran up to Tanya Graebs tack shop, 4G's Ranch LLC Horse Tack and Supply,and got a few barrel feeders to keep the hay off the sandy soil around here.

That done it was time to kick back and relax on our new deck, under the porch that Ray built us last summer.


As you can see Meg and Mack enjoy that porch also especially in the heat of the day.


  1. How are Meg and Mack doing--I see a shortage of sticks for poor Meg and does Mack have a ball yet??

  2. With all my trials and tribulations, I had to play catch up on your blog. Glad you made it south safely! Brown is a nice color. :)

  3. Nice job on the panels and pens - you 're not wasting any time in getting Dogpound South all fixed up and comfortable.

  4. Your place looks amazing!!!!!!

  5. You did make good time getting down there. The covered deck and horse shelters look really good.

  6. Life is good, especially at Dog Pound South. Looks like you're settled in nicely for the winter.

    Bet you're not missing snow a bit...

  7. Can't go wrong with a blue and brown colour mix! Just wondering - since your horses will not experience winter this year, is it easier for them in regards to arthritis or any problems?

  8. Nice looking spread at Dogpound South. Looks like Willow and Blue have settled in nicely.