Sunday, October 16, 2011

Four Sleeps to Go


Saturday was a good friend of mines Annual Production Sale. Ross Ranch raises good solid cow horses, and focuses on some old Foundation blood lines and roan horses. We think so much of their breeding that we have a couple of them here at Dogpound North, and our good saddle horse Blue will be making the journey with us to Dogpound South in the next week or so. I won’t go on about the sale forever but suffice it to say that the market is not good. Unless you are a buyer and thankfully I managed to keep my bidding card in my pocket.

After the sale it was time to head for home and bring our own remuda into the yard. Sunday morning bright and early our farrier was coming over to get some feet trimmed so those horses we are leaving home will be ready for winter and while he was here he put new shoes on Willow and Blue for their southern adventures. Along with that and a little deworming for all, they are ready for winter, wherever they are spending it.

About the only other exciting thing that happened today was Mack coming back from his vacation in the city with Madison and Michelle. He is heading south with us so it is good to have him back here to help pack…lol.


Two pictures from the past today, one from the Icefields Parkway in our Mountain Parks and the other from East Lake near Kissimmee, Florida.


  1. I told Emmi today that her friends Mack and Meg were coming to visit and Michael said, "yep, one with a stick, the other with a ball." See you soon.

  2. Big Bend in northern Banff National Park! I used to shoot down avalanches on those very slopes with a 105mm recoiless rifle.

  3. We have listened to a special on CBC radio recently about the problems with fine horses, breeding and the lack of sales. So sad, and we really feel for the breeders with their decades of hard work, to be all for naught. Have a safe trip south.

  4. you house is hopping with excitement now I'm sure....only four more sleeps...:)

  5. Keeping that bidding number in your pocket would be much harder than you portrayed in the blog.. Surely there was one or two that would have fit at Dogpound, either North or South..........

    I am becoming nervous as you folks actually get on the road, but Dr visits and Loyce's agenda keep us staying put. Dang..

  6. There are a couple of lucky horses who may not realize they will soon benefit from a nice winter holiday in the US southwest! Unless, of course, you've been 'whispering' the upcoming adventure to them.

  7. So your coming back to the land of the dust storms. Wish we could be there to welcome your arrival. We both miss seeing you two and will have to make plans to come and visit your new digs when we get our freedom.

    Joe and Sherri

  8. Really like your pictures from the past!