Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Leaving the Big Smoke Behind!

Sunday we had some of Brenda’s old friends Earl and Lynne over for dinner and Brenda worked her magic on some more of those great Louisiana shrimp as well as a few scallops and some linguine. Best Seafood Linguine I have ever eaten I think. We had a great visit with them and got caught up with what is going on in each other lives since the last time we met a couple of years ago.

Monday we were out and about stocking up on all the things we need to head for the desert for a few weeks. Laundry was first on the list and took a big part of the morning then it was off to Wal-Mart for some groceries followed by a trip to Costco for all the things that you can only get there. And of course some of those great rib-eyes are included in that.

We got going early this morning, topped up the fresh water, dumped and then headed down the road to top up our fuel and propane tanks. Ready, Set, Go. Usery Mountain is a beautiful spot but it is oh so close to about 3 million people and that is not our favourite spot to be so we are off to the desert for some decompressing time.


Now that is a little better, some desert pavement and a lot of space. We are meeting some friends out here but there is room for a few folks here without getting overcrowded. Once we got setup Meg and I decided we needed to stretch our legs a little and see a bit of the country. It will be great for her here there are not so many cacti laying on the ground and with our dearth of neighbours she can run free on our walks and not be restricted to staying with me as I wander my way through the desert. Two miles and a bunch of altitude later we arrived our spot up on that hill behind and to the right of our rig.


When I got back from my walk Mike and Janna had arrived and were parked a few hundred yards to the east of us. Brenda had whipped up some hamburgers and they joined us for dinner after they got parked. And with them they brought some of that Caramel Apple Jam that Janna was tempting me with on her blog back in October. So it is toast and jam for breakfast in the morning. See what a little begging will get you.


The first picture in todays entry was taken from the same spot but with the benefit of the telephoto lens. The rig is sitting right about where that red spot is in this photo.

For a little variety in your day take a peek at my brothers blog, Bunch of Brown’s on a Beach, he and his family are spending a couple of months enjoying Costa Rica and learning Spanish while they are down there.


  1. Nice tele lense! I didn't know there were outhouses out in the desert!

  2. Nice spot you have there & understand totally the '3 million people thing.' Good for you guys in getting away from all that. Enjoy the peace & quiet of the desert & all the special ambience it has to offer. Boondocking Rocks:))

  3. Great pictures... This is something we've talked about doing many times but have not yet! When the time comes we'll be asking you for advice!!! Looks like fun...
    Travel Safe

  4. there are no words, execept..peace and quiet!!..good for you, all..enjoy!!!

  5. Your rig looks so lonely out there all by itself. Glad Mike & Janna showed up to keep you company. I envy you. Nothing I like better than walking in the desert (certainly not walking in the snow!)

  6. Looks like you're definitely out in the middle of nowhere! :)

  7. Looks so quiet and peaceful. Very quiet.

  8. You are in my neck of the woods or at least that's where I would like to be if it was not for medical insurance. We used to spend lots of time not far from there on Tom Wells Road North side. It's closed now though I understand. We also stayed for awhile where you are now and loved it. I am sure you will have a great time