Friday, January 7, 2011

Swap Meet and a Meeting of Bloggers

Today we headed down to the Mesa Swap Meet to have a look around. We met Rod and Loyce there so while Brenda and Loyce were able to shop like they like to Rod and I wandered around and had a good visit while we pawed our way through all the tools and various and sundry junk that was for sale there. After we found the girls and ascertained that they had spent all their money we headed over to Wendy’s for Rod’s favourite lunch. Then it was off to home to prepare for guests for dinner.


From the left Odel, Laurie, Loyce, some old Arizona cowboy who stumbled into the fire, Rod with Biscuit and Brenda joined us at our site is Usery Mountain Regional Park to enjoy the sunset and a little of Brenda’s cooking. Sorry about the smoke Laurie but it seems to have been following you.

We have been following both Laurie and Odel’s Semi-True Tales of Our Life on the Road, and Rod and Loyce’s Retired Rod blogs for a couple of years at least and although we met Rod and Loyce a couple of years ago this was our first visit with Laurie and Odel. Every time we meet somebody who we have been following it never fails to amaze me how in tune we seem to be. Like meeting old friends we have a lot of stories about our travels and how we got into this lifestyle but there are none of those awkward silences it is just great laughs and cementing relationships with folks who we have a lot in common with.

And it always helps to break bread together to help with that cementing.


And those who read us regularly know we rarely stop at bread, this time Brenda did a great bunch of steaks, some salad and a bushel of those great Louisiana shrimp we harvested on our earlier swing through Baton Rouge.

I get a lot of comments from folks about how we always seem to be talking about eating or showing pictures of what we are eating, so I thought a little explanation was in order. I try to keep the blog focussed on things like eating because if those of you are still working knew how much fun we were really having it is unlikely that we could keep you all off the road and working to fund our retirements. But we are certainly thankful for the sacrifices you are making to help us enjoy our golden years.


  1. That's quite a collection of RVing Blogger Desperados around the fire. Was it Meg or Bisquit who took the picture??

  2. I like looking at your food pictures. Looks like you all had a great time!

  3. Gosh that food looks good, sure hope we get to sample some this winter! And Brenda, you have great taste in dishes--I have the same ones--love those square plates which fit in the cabinet better.

  4. I see you and Rod have already posted about the fabulous meal Brenda prepared, the campfire camraderie, and the late night (ha, ha) conversation... maybe I'll just post two links on my blog! Thanks for a fun, fun night - and excellent meal.

  5. How nice to meet with fellow bloggers on the road!

    I am starting a file for quick access of the PHOTO of the rig of each blogger that I follow... so in case we are camping somewhere this upcoming vacation I can compare rigs to a photo first to make sure I don't make a fool of myself if I think I see a fellow blogger out there!


    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. No doubt about it. Brenda can sure rustle up a tasty meal! :)

  7. the meeting of the bloggers!!..what a great day!..and dinner looked yummy..the 'smellablog' is working well!!!

  8. Holy looks delish!!You sure are a great cook, cuz.

  9. We are deeply indebted for your kindness and amazing dinner. As I said on our blog, I think that is the best meal we have had in months! And of course the fire and sunset were spectacular too!
    Rod and Loyce