Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lazy Days

Today was a good day to sit back and relax after a couple of big travel days. We didn’t leave the Park all day and just enjoyed our surroundings. This is a beautiful spot and only a mile or so from the hubbub of Mesa and the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Meg and I enjoyed our walk today although I am thinking she is wondering why everything in this country is sharp and it took her a few minutes to get these cactus thingy’s figured out. We scouted out some trails to enjoy while we are staying here.

Another thing that I remember from Arizona is the sunsets and tonight's was not to shabby, although for some reason I was walking Meg without my camera this evening so just enjoyed most of it before I got home and grabbed a few shots just as the show was ending.


  1. My poor dog was limping the entire time we were in Arizona. I promised her we will go to the lush green of the eastern US as soon as I can travel.

  2. Love those saguaro sunsets! I'm thinking I've been away from them for too long. Maybe next winter.. :)

  3. great sunsets shots!!..just beautiful!..has anyone told you how lucky you are!!???

  4. Great sunset photos... Loved them! We were there last winter... just gorgeous.
    Have fun & Travel Safe