Friday, January 21, 2011

Trip into the Madhouse

I took a stroll through the desert today first thing this morning. Meg was on Day 2 of her enforced time off, but I think she snuck away and came looking for me. Mike and Janna found her heading down the trail looking for me and brought her back to Brenda. There is a cave/excavation on the hillside below where I saw the Bighorn and today I scrambled up there to have a look inside. I am not much of a spelunker, so it was a pretty tentative look inside although I made it out safely. Not to hard considering that it was only about 50 feet deep into the hillside.


And here is a view across the desert from the mouth of the cave. That little white spot in the centre is our rig.


I just love the ability to walk in any random direction out here and the scenery is always changing. Each and every wash is a different view and the way the country changes from one hill to the next never fails to amaze me.

This afternoon we headed into Quartzsite, and yes it was busy. I wanted to look at some LED lights for the RV and Brenda wanted to get some new parts for her vacuflo. Only she would wear out the wheels on the vacuum head in barely a year of full time use, but they are worn and thanks to the vendors in Quartzsite they are now replaced. I got a couple of LED lights for the reading lights and couldn’t make up my mind whether to take the Warm White or just Plain White so the guy said take one of each and come back tomorrow after you have decided which is right for you and pay me for the one you want to keep. He said the same thing to Mike and I am sure others that came in today so once we decide we will head back and probably buy more than we need after that demonstration of trust.

Tonight we got in a Skype conversation with our oldest daughter Bec and her husband Ved while Brenda was whipping up supper for us. Sure like this Skype thingy. Neat to be able to talk to folks and see them at the same time.

Video call snapshot 15

Now it is time for us to wander down to Mike and Janna’s as Janna is making a banana split for Brenda, she has never had one, and I am going along in anticipation that there may be enough for me too….LOL.



  1. The photo of your shadow in front of that cave is pretty neat. Even though you don't see a face you can tell it's that cowboy from Canada. Hope Brenda enjoyed her banana split.

  2. None of that madness for us this year. After 4 years in a row at Quartzsite, enough was enough. Kelly might drag me through there next year but for this year.... a welcome reprieve:))

  3. Never had a banana split???!!!

    JB, you have to let Brenda get out more. :c)

  4. Let us know your opinion on the LED bulbs... we bought 2 of the older ones that are kinda *greenish*, so will be excite to hear about the newer ones.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard