Friday, January 28, 2011

Mining, Line Dancing and the “Q”

Another beautiful day in the desert. Meg and I took a little different trail today and headed more south than west. That put us up against the mountains and we hiked along the ridges looking at a lot of the old mining activity that has gone on here for decades. Although some of the sampling was done with modern machinery a lot of the more remote ditches appeared to be dug by hand. No easy feat out here in this rocky land. We saw another Bighorn this morning but we only had the little point and shoot along and it was not capable of zooming the sheep in close enough to make a good picture so I had to be satisfied with just a shot of the desert from our ridge top.


Desert Landscape

The little green circle is our rig!

But once I got back to camp I was able to catch these active folks doing their line dancing with the other camera. I was going to join in but after my morning stroll I was just to tired.

This afternoon we made another foray into Quartzsite and the crowds seem to be dropping off a little. Brenda had seen some chairs she wanted and Rod and Deb were easily convinced that they needed a pair also. While in there we had lunch at the Taco Mio restaurant and the food was all good. The enchiladas I had were excellent and I almost licked the plate so I must have been hungry. Hard to believe but we don’t eat ALL the time down here.

Rod I checked the photo’s on all three of my machines here from the 17” screen on my HP down through the Mac to the Netbooks 10” screen and they all looked OK at this end.



  1. Anxious to see these chairs and I will be careful what I am doing outside my rig when JB is wondering around with that big lens!!!

  2. So much for skinny dipping and nude sunbathing. If JB's around you won't be able to have any fun...