Saturday, November 1, 2008


Since last time we have covered some ground, a little water and crossed the border. We stopped the other night and had supper with Janet and her friend Norm in Crofton and then went and had a look around her house. Beautiful spot and once the reno's are done it will be great. Lot's of garden to keep her out of trouble in her golden years, whenever they are.

After we left Janet's we headed down towards Sidney, BC and dropped in on some friends of Brenda's, Lynn and Earl. They have a beautiful spot on the waterfront along the Saanich peninsula, and a driveway that is perfect for our rig including a sewer hookup and 30 Amp power. We told them that that could be a dangerous setup. What with the great location and all it is pretty difficult to leave without having all the conveniences also. We went out to dinner with them at the Dockside Grill at the Van Isle Marina in Sidney. They keep their 42 foot Grand Banks there.

What with a great boat and the great view from their place it is a wonder that they ever leave the area, but maybe we'll meet them later in the winter down Arizona way. Here is a shot of the view off of their deck.

Once we left Lynn and Earl's we caught the Washington State Ferry from Sidney to Anacortes with a stop in Friday Harbor. The boat below was drifting along probably just enjoying the scenery. Not to much problem crossing the border although the border guards will be enjoying some baked Idaho potatoes, onions, and even a couple of mango's didn't make the crossing.

We are in the KOA in Burlington tonight and are probably heading towards Seattle tomorrow morning. There are a few bugs showing up in the bus, nothing major but the fact that the windshield wipers don't work is an issue in Washington State. There has been instances where it has rained here so we are hoping for a dry day tomorrow, at least until we get moved down the road a little. We are making a list and once we get somewhere a little warmer we will start looking for a dealer that we can get to fix some of the problems. Brenda has been giving the washer/dryer a test run tonight so that it appears to be working well. But problems aside the rig is sure nice and seems pretty well set up. Once we get our solar panels put on we will be pretty much self sufficient and will be looking forward to some time boondocking in Arizona.

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