Thursday, November 6, 2008

AM Solar

Just a brief update. We are still in the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon area. Yesterday the folks at the RV dealership had a crack at fixing some of the issues we have been having. They figured they got the leak under the bathroom vanity fixed and the fridge. Well, it seems that the leak under the bathroom vanity has disappeared for the moment anyway but the fridge still has water running out. And there has appeared another leak under the kitchen sink that wasn't there before. Strange!! As for the windshield wipers it appears that the switch that is used in our coach has to come from some place far, far away. So while Fed-Ex works on that we moved over to AM Solar in Springfield. They are installing some solar panels and a battery monitor for us. This is a small operation that I found on the internet, not hard to understand why they are recommended by many of their former customers. They have taken us under their wing and given us exemplary service. Deb and Kathy in the office spent most of the morning giving us a run down on places to see and things to do in Springfield and surrounding area. We took their advice and took a scenic drive and although it was great the opportunity for a photo so we could share it with you never presented itself. We also took their advice on where to eat lunch and headed for the Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen. The food was excellent and the staff was great at guiding us through all the choices. After that we headed for the local hardware store, Jerry's. Jerry's looks like a local store that has decided to play with the big guys and has a couple of huge stores in the area that are better stocked than either Home Depot or Lowe's. After getting my hardware fix we headed back to AM Solar to spend the remainder of the day. They have a great building in a great location, alongside the river. Their waiting room is stocked with a myriad of RVing books covering everything from camping in Mexico to the Alaska Highway. Deb showed us a few of her favourite boondocking spots and I am sure as we head around the country we will be trying them out. They have us hooked up to the power in their shop and tomorrow morning we will go over the system before we head back up to get our windshield wipers switch installed. Hopefully that will get done and we'll be back on the road.

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