Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here she is in all her desert finery with her solar panels and the dish deployed as well as the awnings down.

Yesterday we were in Blythe and managed to post our update. We ran in there to do our laundry and also to pick up a few things. I got a new antenna for the cell phone booster but it doesn’t give us a good enough signal to manage posting anything, although we can get email now, so at least twice a day we fire it up and see if the world has missed us. So far nothing (grin)! Thanks again Mick for your concern and Brent for the updates on Dad.
Blythe is a small California town right on the border with Arizona and appears to be a pretty laid back place. Even on main street a traffic jam consists of 3 or 4 vehicles. Hot and dry but very comfortable. We also had some running around to do and some supplies to pick up also, can’t live without things, like cheese for the lasagna and beer for Bill.

Once we got back to camp I installed the cell antenna and Brenda made a lemon meringue pie. That meant that she had to run the generator for a while to operate her convection oven. “Roughing it, smoothly” they say. Our extra batteries (4, 8 total) and the solar panels sure seem to do the trick with the power though, we have been doing almost everything we please including watching some TV at night and the power system manages to bring itself back up to 100% by early afternoon.
The last couple of evenings we have had a bonfire so are also getting to enjoy the desert evenings. Through the day it has been into the high 80’s here but it cools off nicely at night. Last night it dropped down to 51F by morning. Perfect sleeping weather.

We’ll see what today brings but I think we are going into Quartzsite for a look around and that should give us a chance to post another update.


  1. Thanks for the update, jb, we've been wondering where you are. I'll let the folks on chat know that you're out in the desert with the coyotes. 51F at night is a great temp in the desert. It will get colder!!

  2. Glad to have you back. Whats up with your Dad??? Only good news i hope???