Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Junction City

We have left Washington state in the rear view mirror and moved on south to Junction City, Oregon. We have an appointment tomorrow morning to get a few things looked at in the coach. The leak we had under the bathroom vanity appears to be still there although somewhat intermittently now. Probably the most aggravating is the fact that the windshield wipers are not functioning. They only work on the wash cycle which gives you a couple of swipes before they shut down. This time of year in Washington and Oregon that is a major pain in the a..! There are a couple of other minor things but if we don't get them fixed they will wait for us to darken Woody's door in the spring. We got here in good time and managed to get set up in Guaranty RV's lot, where they have 50 Amp service for their customers use. After checking in at the office we headed off to the Super Wal-Mart in Eugene. Time for Brenda to get her Wal-Mart fix, we have crossed a state and a half without visiting them. After restocking the larder and picking up some new minutes for our Trac-fone we headed back to the lot. The weather has been a mixture of sunshine and downpour, probably typical for this time of year in this place. The leaves are just past prime here but it is still beautiful country. We will be here a couple of days as after the coach is fixed we have an appointment to get some solar panels installed just down the road. We are interested in what happens with our hosts election tonight and like most folks will be keeping an eye on the election this evening. Sure doesn't sound like my favourite candidate is going to make the cut but we can always hope.

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