Monday, November 24, 2008

Travelling Troubadours

We are still enjoying the desert outside of Quartzsite, Arizona. As yesterday was Sunday I thought I’d give you all a day of rest from reading my ramblings. We just spent the day at the rig enjoying the weather. I have taken up my desert walking again and went for about an hour walk yesterday and today at sunrise. The desert is beautiful at that time and if we get a good enough connection I will try to share it with you.
Things are going pretty well here and I watched the Calgary Stampeders win the Grey Cup yesterday so things seem to be going well back in Canada also. As the game was on I didn’t manage to annoy those that I usually call on Sundays to chortle about the weather. I thought they might be off watching the game and eating too many snacks, etc.

I have managed to finish the installation of the cell booster and antenna on the roof and get everything fastened down and caulk so we don’t get any water incursions. It seems to work a little better so it is likely that we will get email on a regular basis down here.
Last night we had a visit from a couple of our neighbours here, Dennis and Diane, from East of Sherwood Park and Mike from Penticton. Dennis and Mike brought along a guitar and a banjo so we had some music to enjoy along with the desert sky at our campfire last night. Adds a whole other element of great to the evening. Most of the people at the fire knew some of the words but I don’t think anybody knew all the words to any of the songs, except for the musicians so there accompaniment was a little sketchy at best. Not sure what today will bring but if I get a chance I will upload this and a couple of photos.

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