Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pike Street Market

We left Burlington this morning and ran the 60 miles down to Seattle. Not far but with the windshield wipers still not working my co-pilot was having a little difficulty giving me advise although I could see well enough to navigate on my own. Once we got set up in the KOA we unhooked the Jeep and headed down to the Pike Street Market for a little shopping and looking around. It appears that everyone in Seattle who wasn't at the Sea-Hawks game was sharing the Market with us.

Nevertheless the place is a kaleidoscope of colours what with the vegetables, flowers and fish of every size and shape. We managed to replace all the food we lost at the border yesterday probably with stuff from the same farm but this is approved for eating by us aliens I guess.

We ate lunch at the Pike Street Brewery and the Dungeness Crab Chowder was excellent and although the Crab/Shrimp Cakes were different than we remembered them being 10 years ago they were also good. The fellows in the shot below were playing catch with the fish and the guy in the background could be a short-stop for the Mariners as his partner out front was certainly more than a little wild with his pitches.

After that we ran down to the local Costco to replenish our meat locker and pick up a few odds and ends that we couldn't live without. We did manage to get out of town before the game was over so missed that opportunity to participate in a local traffic jam.

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