Monday, November 17, 2008

Valencia, California

No new pictures today other than our baby in another location. We are now in the Valencia Travel Park just north of Santa Clarita, California. It is a nice park with a lot of shade trees and with the temps in the high 70's they are appreciated. We traveled about 300 miles today and didn't do a lot other than fuel up and take a couple of rest stops along the way. I-5 was lined with orchards most of the trip. Amazing what a little water will do to a desert. I think from the look of the resorvoirs we have seen the water is running out though. We passed by the San Luis Resorvoir in Pacheco Pass this morning and it was probably down about 200-300 feet from it's high water marks. I wonder what will happen to this country if they don't get a bunch of rain soon. Lot of people and a lot of agricultural enterprises are going to go thirsty. Guess there is a reason there was a lot fewer folks here a hundred years ago. It looks like it was good ranching country before the orchards and might be again some day, soon.

When we fueled up the diesel was down to $2.71, pretty nice change from the $5.04 a gallon we paid in Salmon Arm just a few weeks ago. For the curious minds out there the rig is getting about 8.4 mpg, so not as good as the old one, but better than we expected. As time goes by it should loosen up a little and maybe 9 is achievable. Too bad the price of oil has drug the Canadian dollar and the Canadian economy down with it. But I guess we can be certain that it will probably go back up again. Hopefully it will take the other things up with it.

Heard from Matt and Michelle, they are back from their Cuban adventure and it sounds as if the hurricane didn't affect them to much. Tomorrow we are off to see Hal and Bunty near Palm Springs so it should be a short travel day.

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  1. Aw come on i wait all day to see your great pics and descriptions. I can wait its ok